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Create a Google Spreadsheet. Open the Spreadsheet and edit it with any spreadsheet editor. Add Google Apps Script to the spreadsheet Save it as a Google Document and give it a name. With the spreadsheet open, click on the Tools menu, and select "Script Editor". Then click on the Scripts tab. Click on the New Script button. A new dialog box will open. Enter a title and description for your new Script. In the Description field, enter a title and description for your new Script. When you're finished, click on "Create Script". Note: If you use the new Script Editor and click on the File menu, you'll see that it will open your spreadsheet. Note: You can use any spreadsheet software or spreadsheet editor that you want. Download and install the Google Sheets API. Use a spreadsheet with an internet connection to test the API. If it works, you can publish it to the web using Google Sheets API. You'll need to provide some information, like a domain name and a password. Enter this information into the form and save it as a Google Sheet. Use a web browser to navigate to the URL of your Google Sheets (for example, Click on the "Create an App" button to create a new Sheets API application. Click on the "Select an app name" link. Type a name for the app and click on "Continue". Click on the "Create a new sheet" link. Click on the "Make this sheet public" link. Click on "Create a new version of the sheet". Use the form to set some basic information for the sheet. Click on the "Make this version public" link. Click on the "Save" button to complete the creation of the new Sheets API app. Make a copy of the sheet that you'll use to test the API. If it works, make the original sheet private. Save it as a new version. Set a few basic options for the sheet. Note: If you make a new sheet, it must be a new version. Go back to the Script Editor. Click on the "Home"




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Minecraft Cracked Download 1.5.2 Mac Makeup palosado

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