“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller


Hi, I'm Adya, a present day student who likes to live life to its fullest. I'm a keen traveler, artist, musician, foodie and animal lover. In other words i'm a bon vivant, savouring every minute of my existence on this lovely planet.

I dream of a world where everyone lives in peace and harmony and displays kindness to one another. I believe it is why we have evolved to this intelligent form of life. We need to continue this evolution as intelligent and emotional forms of life, beyond the scientific and engineering marvels that are being created every single day. 

I enjoy traveling around the world, you can read about some of my adventures in my blog on this site. I strongly believe travel opens up one's senses to the multitude of sights, sounds and cultures that adorn this world. My parents consider travel as an extension of the formal education that I'm currently getting in school. Travel is like this wonderful practical teacher that puts one out of one's comfort zone and yet makes every moment of it worthwhile. 


While science and logic makes the world functional, I believe art and music is what soothes the heart. I often try to express myself through my art and music. I'm a fairly accomplished harmonica player and you can listen to my renditions in the music section of this site.

As Julia child said "People who love to eat are always the best people". I first encountered this quote in a quaint little restaurant in Sorrento, Italy and realised how true it was! I have my share of culinary indulgences from time to time, despite the oft repeated parental chide to eat healthy. I like to experiment both with my eating and cooking of food, but strictly vegetarian please!

That brings me to my love for animals. I absolutely adore dogs and have adopted a couple of strays on my street. I connect with them at a different level and feel that they really understand my deepest feelings. 

My mother and I spend a couple of days each year at Charlie's Animal Rescue Centre (CARE), in the midst of numerous abandoned and injured pets that are cared for with love and

compassion by the staff there. 

I hope you will like the content on my website, which I will refresh as often as my busy student life allows me to. I would love to hear suggestions from.